Wrestlers Reflect on Regionals

Nicole Tardio

Blue N Gold Staff Writer

The Gulf Breeze High School wrestling team had their district meet at Niceville High School
on Saturday Feb. 22. Among the GBHS winners, Freshman Nate Weber won his weight class,
106, and is going to state! Early last month, the Student Government Association(SGA)
announced that they would be hosting the schools Dance Marathon, a fundraising event for sick
children, on the 22 of February… the same day that the Wrestling District Meet was to be held;
and unfortunately, due to an administrative oversight, SGA got the venue. “It sucks cause it
would’ve been nice and would’ve raised a lot of money but you can’t really be upset because
dance marathon was a good cause” Said Weber when asked how he felt about being displaced
from the home meet.
Colson Elliot, another freshman on the Dolphin’s wrestling team, said “I think that the wrestling
team does not get appreciated enough, and that we were did wrong, and that we had it planned
first and that it should not have gotten moved.” When asked how he felt about the meet getting
moved. Elliot also won his weight class, as did Hunter Dupont, Ian Daily, and Dylan Lawrence.
All together the team got 5th place.
Weber started wrestling when he was five years old because his dad signed him up for it and
“It worked out nicely.” Webber will be competing with other wrestlers from across the state in
Orlando to take his shot at State Champion and bringing home a trophy. To Nate Webber,
congratulations and good luck from everyone at Gulf Breeze High School.