Head Coach: Jasmine Crowell


Varsity tryouts are July 29th & 30th

JV/ Freshman Tryouts August 5th & 6th in the GBHS gym


Anyone with questions regarding Volleyball: please email gulfbreezevolleyball@gmail.com


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Number Names Grade Position
1 Sophi Doerr 11th DS/L
2 Carlee Amberson 12th OH/MB
3 Izabella Erickson 12th MB
4 Anna Marks 11th S/RS
5 Kennedy Hooten 11th OH/RS
6 Rilee Sabik 10th DS/L
8 Ally Smith 12th DS/L
9 Olivia Boling 11th DS/L
10 Tara Bass 11th OH/MB/RS
11 Abby Mayes 11th
12 Madi Clay 12th DS/L
13 Cassie Davis 11th OH/RS
15 Olivia Vassiliades 11th DS/L
16 McKenna Owens 11th OH/MB/RS


Number Names Grade Position
1 Gabi Kleinert 10th OH/MB
2 Bella Mayes 10th OH/MB
3 Melody Dugas 9th S
4 Zoe Cahill 10th OH/MB
5 Lauren Kellen 9th MB
8 Emily Crowder 10th RS
9 Sophie Stringfellow 9th S
10 Lonni Moorer 10th RS/MB
11 Auldyn Comish 9th DS/L
13 Sarah Aker 10th RS/MB
14 Camila Sanchez 9th DS/L
15 Rebecca Bozeman 10th DS/S


Number Names Grade Position
1 Casey Anderson 9th DS/L
2 Paige Butler 9th DS/L
3 Alejandra Burger 9th MB/OH
4 Gracie Clay 9th OH
5 Ashley Zembrzuski 9th S/RS
6 Emma Snider 9th OH
7 Hannah O'Grady 9th MB 
8 Erin Mayhew 9th S/RS
9 Laney Turnage 9th MB
10 Nicole Tardio 9th OH
11 Aubree Hampton 9th
12 Bryanna Bevil 9th  DS/OH

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