Soccer Teams Enjoying Phenomenal Seasons

Elisa Williamson

Blue & Gold Staff Writer

Both boys’ and girls’ soccer teams from Gulf Breeze High School have so far had a phenomenal season. It has been a long time since both teams have been in the top 20 in the state of Florida. Their success is due to the hard work of the coaches, the collaboration of the team, and the effort the players put into the sport that they love.

Currently, the girls’ varsity soccer team are ranked 41 in the nation and 16 in the state. They have won nine games, tied one, and lost one (last updated on Jan. 10.) This year, the team has tried to travel farther to get more experience and have greater competition. This has helped the ladies move up in their ranking on both the national and state level. Another contribution to the teams’ accomplishments this year are the chemistry that the girls have. All the girls on the team agreed that the connections they have made with each other have benefitted them in the game and helped them to work together to make progress individually and together. The team has a “joyous vibe... and the motivation and work ethic to achieve our ultimate goal, which is winning state,” said junior Emma Campbell. Head coach Ryan Williams and assistant coach Bianca Foley also play a huge part in the prosperity of this team that they built. Together, they have worked hard in making the team strong and driven.

The boys’ varsity soccer team have been just as successful, this year. They are ranked 55 in the nation and 17 in the state of Florida. They have won 13 games and lost one (last updated Jan. 10.) The head coach, Austin King, has done as much as he can to make the team the best that it can be and to help all his players learn and grow. One thing that King has done is get each player vests that go under the boys’ jerseys and work as trackers. The vests track everything going on with their physical state from their heart rate to their fastest speed. King’s input in the team has helped the boys push their way to a high state rank. The 12 seniors on the team have always played a large role in the team’s progress. The seniors have not only helped in the game but have also helped by teaching all the juniors and sophomores. The seniors have done a magnificent job in setting examples for the rest of the team. Just like the girls’ team, the boys have also formed a tight, close family which shows through their teamwork on the field. Sophomore Gabe Wilson said, “we have great chemistry on and off the field.”

Gulf Breeze High School may be a small, unknown school to most people, but the soccer program has made sure that it is known by advancing up to higher ranks. Both girls’ and boys’ varsity soccer teams have put lots of work into getting where they are now, and both are hoping to finish the season by winning state. The hard work of the coaches, the players, and the teams as a whole has led to many successes so far and more to come.