Dolphin Swimmers Shine

Harley Hamilton

Blue & Gold Staff Writer

On oct. 5, the GBHS swim team competed and dominated in a 12 school meet, hosted at Washington High School. The Dolphins took home a prestigious trophy set; second place for the boys’ team, and third for the lady’s. Team captain Wyatt Sise stated, “I performed well, swam the 200 free and 100 butterfly with consistent times.” “Overall, I’m more proud of how the team as a whole performed,” when asked about his individual and team performance. All the competing teams hold   records of note, the foremost among them being Tate, Navarre, and Ft. Walton High schools. Hannah Goto, captain of the girls’ team, claims to have dropped her times on the 200 free and the 100 butterfly in this most recent meet, which in the sport, is exponential. The next week, on Oct. 9, the dolphins yet again prevailed over the rest in a meet hosted by Tate High, coming in first over all. It was senior night at the meet, and according to Matthew Rodgerson, it’s a sad time for seniors and underclassmen alike; the seniors performed in one of their last informal meets, and the underclassmen are dismayed by the parting of their senior friends. It's not all bad however, Rodgerson dropped below a minute on his hundred butterfly, and now has aspirations for dominating the district competition. "We just got bumped up to A3 for districts." Says Rodgerson when asked about future meets, and when asked about the Dolphin's chances, he responded with, "I think that we have a lot of fight, and that's what matters." Most recently, on October 16, the team swam at the county championship meet, which was held at Hunter Pool, the pool in which our team practices. They once again abolished competition, placing first for the eighth year in a row.

When it comes to difficulty, a place to practice is the foremost amongst them. "I find it weird that in like, Iowa, in a place nowhere near water, has a really popular swimming community, but in a community surrounded by water, we don't have our own pool!" Santarosa County as a whole doesn’t have a single pool for schools to use, so Gulf Breeze and every other school is forced to hold meets at pools in Escambia County, which is absurd, given the funding and popularity in the area. Gulf Breeze practices at an outdoor, uncovered pool located under the interstate. Therefore, when the temperature drops,  it becomes near impossible to practice without catching pneumonia, or some such virus. Nonetheless, our swim team is overcoming these challenges and succeeding in every meet they swim, and annihilating all opposition.