Coach Spotlight: Rob Herman

Matthew Bourgois

Blue & Gold Staff Writer


 Since 1983, Rob Herman has been coaching on the United States Navy team, and has been coaching in Gulf Breeze starting in 2005. Getting his wrestling roots in third grade, grappling is in Hermans soul, and during his young career, Herman achieved  first in state in chicago,his home state, then moved to florida his freshman year. After serving his time in the United States Navy, he worked around the country for sports cliniques.

Serving in the Navy for 22 years, Herman was a Master at Arms(MAA), a rate equivalent to the Military Police. Navy Sports was a detrimental part of his military career for 21 years. Herman Coached the navy team for several years after being part of the team itself.

 Aside from his early life wrestling experiences, Herman was on the state, national, world cup, and alternate Olympic teams. He also coached the olympic and world teams into several winning medals. It is this experience that the student body the athletes are so responsive to, which makes them easily molded into peak competing athletes. This coupled with the welcoming attitude of the coaches makes training and teaching the young wrestling dolphins an enjoyable prospect. Being a world class wrestler himself, many wonder whether or not coach Herman will take the Dolphins to new levels of achievement. When asked about his goals for the athletes and how far they can go, Herman answered, “The season is still young, it’s really early in the year to determine how far they’re gonna go, but I want to instill in them that everyone can be a state champion. If that's your goal, and if you work hard enough, good things will come.” Though the season is just kicking off and coach Herman is testing the skills of the newer and returning wrestlers alike, a good year is predicted under the directive hand of coach Dailey, coach Elliot and himself.