Athlete Spotlight: Mya Swinton

Senior Mya Swinton is an accomplished soccer player, in fact she recently signed to the division one college, Vanderbilt University. Swinton stated in an interview that she started playing soccer at age five, thanks to her mom, who pushed her to pursue soccer over cheerleading. This was evidently a blessing, considering soccer is her main passion now. When inquired about her favorite part of playing the sport, Swinton said she loves “being with people who go for the same goal and are competitive.” As everyone does, Swinton did have a major role model, Coach O. When Swinton lived in California, O was her coach. Coach O sadly passed in December from lung cancer, but Swinton said that “I play for her now.” Although Gulf Breeze will miss Swinton, everyone is proud of her endurance and grit.

Senior Mya Swinton (left) with younger sister Aila