Matthew Bourgeois & Harley Hamilton

Blue & Gold Staff Writers

With a school focused on balanced alumni, Gulf Breeze High School produces an abundance of multi-skilled students, but few are as versatile as Abigail Driskell. A Junior at GBHS, Driskell has an astonishing amount of achievements under her belt from three separate organizations… Drumline, Dolphin’s Swim, and AFJROTC. How she is balancing her time among the three and what her plans are would be very confusing to most people, but with the insight gained from various interviews, light was shed on her system of accomplishment.

Throughout her highschool career, Driskell has dominated in her three fields, but starting in the first grade, she has been drawn to swimming. She has come a long way since then, and is continuing to improve with her main events being the 100 free and the 100 breast. Driskell says her free time at 1:02 is fairly fast compared to others in her heat, but she is trying to make breastroke her best stroke. Swim fits well into her schedule since it is primarily in the mornings, unlike ROTC and drum line.

Unfortunately, there are very few programs that offer military structure and experience pre-high school, never-the-less, Driskell conquered her new challenge with ease. The AFJROTC Colour Guard is the team that is taken to National Level competition every year, the team is very close knit... and with her drumline experience, Driskell jumped right in, performing at the End-of-Year awards ceremony by leading the colours with her snare in a traditional battle tattoo. Aside from that, Driskell is the head of Support Squadron on the group staff board. Under her is the Safety Officer, Physical Training Officer, Chief Information Officer, and the Community Service Director. Essentially, she is in charge of making sure the Corps doesn’t flounder as well as having the colours sound phenomenal.

Drumming hasn’t been a part of Driskell’s life for long, only since her Freshman year,her aspirations, confidence, and skills are as high as those playing for years. As a Junior, Driskell is an “Inner Drum” on the snare, which means that she is a skilled, directive player. She hopes to become Drum Captain within the near future, and according to the words of her fellow band, she’s ready for the position. “She is hardworking and passionate.” says Jasmin Tucker, a Cadet Airmen “She really incorporates her leadership from ROTC...” says Chris Herr, “...and that’s really useful on the line.” With Driscoll aiming to be the first female drum captain, the support of her peers and her outside leadership training is detrimental. In addition to every other accomplishment, she is a part of the junior homecoming court, which further demonstrates her good character and amiable personality. Overall, Abigail Driskell is a skillful and charismatic Gulf Breeze student.